Registration and Contest Rules


Welcome to the registration page for the Millennium after the Millennium Title Sequence Contest.

MatM is looking for creative individuals to create an amazing video to be used in the documentary for the opening title sequence.

We want you to be as creative as possible, but there has to be some rules since the winning project will be featured in the actual documentary and released to world.

Title Sequence Submission Rules

  • The title sequence should convey a look and feel similar to the original show, and include the project title “Millennium after the Millennium” within the project.
  • Must be all original work
    • You may not use any copyrighted material from the T.V. show Millennium.
    • No copyrighted images, music, sound fx. Must be 100% original and properly licensed material that ownership can be transferred.
  • Submission may not be shorter than thirty (30) seconds in length from start to finish and no longer than forty-five (45) seconds in length from start to finish.
  • Formats:
    • Judging submissions should be submitted in the following format:
      • MP4 1080p 24fps
    • Winning  submission must be submitted in the following format:
      • 4k  4096 x 2160 ProRes or MP4 24fps
      • If this is not possible we MUST have at least a 1080p final video and we will upres it to 4k.
  • You will be supplied with some assets to create your title sequence after registering.
  • You must register in order to submit a project to the contest.

Submission Rights Agreement

Title Sequence Submission Agreement

  1. You agree that your submission is original and contains no copyrighted material.
  2. If selected you are transferring all rights and privileges of your video submission to Millennium after the Millennium in perpetuity.
  3. If any material in your submission includes licensed material you agree to provide Millennium after the Millennium all necessary documentation for distribution purposes.
  4. You agree that in the case that copyrighted material is discovered or challenged that Millennium after the Millennium will not be held responsible and will not represent you in any legal proceedings.
  5. You agree that you are entering this contest without any expectations of monetary gains, returns or royalties.
  6. If your video submission is not selected as the winner, you agree to allow us to continue to use your video in promotional efforts and in the inclusion of possible bonus material of the distributed film and to be properly credited for your work on any promotional and/or bonus material released.
  7. You agree that you will not release, post or share your submission with any persons or agencies publicly or on social media platforms until after the official release of the film.
  8. You agree to provide the project files for the submitted video if your submission is selected as the winner.
  9. You agree to allow us to make any necessary changes if need be for timing, titling or any other potential reasoning as we see fit.

Contest ends midnight January 31st 2017. All submissions must be turned in by this time. Winner will be announced February 17th 2017.

By registering you agree to these terms and conditions.

Millennium after the Millennium Title Sequence Contest Registration


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