Celebrating 25 Years of Millennium



Millennium after the Millennium


Millennium after the Millennium

Bonus Features:

  1. Home Again: Return to the Yellow House
  2. Mark Snow Millennium CD Release Event
  3. Interview with Executive Producer Troy L. Foreman
  4. Interview with Opening Credits creator Andrew Shelton
  5. MATM Promos and Trailers
  6. All contestant submitted Opening Credit Sequences
  7. Matthew Ingles Artwork Gallery w/score
  8. End Game: The Return of Avatar
  9. Resurrection Films Sneak Peak

Included Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish

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Millennium after the Millennium (Trailer)

“Millennium after The Millennium is an excellent film that is so well-made it would not look out of place on any of our major networks. An obvious labour of love for all those involved; Jason D. Morris creates an enthralling documentary that interests, entertains and delights in equal measure. An absolute must see for any fans of Millennium itself, but it will also be appreciated by those with an interest in TV and its workings.”

– Jolly Moel, ScreenCritix

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“I can’t stress enough the joy I felt seeing the cast and crew discussing their former characters, and this film is akin to a love letter […] I also felt like I was watching a petition of sorts for a continuation of the series—and really can’t write anything bad about that idea. In today’s world of reboots and sequels, this is one show that I feel would flourish today.”

– IndyRed

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Villain Media

“The documentary establishes how relevant the former Fox series still is to society, especially during this troubling 45th administration.”

– Villain Media

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UK Film Review

“The cast and crew of Millennium’s eagerness to talk about the show means that the documentary is a success as it effectively captures the love everyone has for this show. Overall, the film works well as a celebration of this short lived series and how it pushed boundaries of what a TV series could be.”

– Hannah Sayer, UK Film Review

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