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Millennium fans! Here is your chance to be a part of the upcoming documentary Millennium After the Millennium. This brand new documentary is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking Chris Carter series Millennium. It will include exclusive interviews and content from the people who most know the series. Now you can be a part of this project as well.

We want you to record a video telling the cast and crew of the series what the show meant to you and congratulating them on the show’s 20th anniversary. We will include the entries in the documentary itself or as a special feature. The information about your entries are below:

Video entry submissions

  • No more than 20 seconds in length
  • The video should consist of only you, no other images or video and no music may be added.
  • No text or other overlaying images, just you.
  • Send submissions to: using a dropbox link (or other like service like Sendspace or Yousend)
  • Provide your name, where you are from and contact information in the email.
  • Submission deadline will be Midnight, EST on March 31 

Be creative but please do not include any music or copyrighted material.

Comments: 4

  • Mike Sanders January 23, 201710:25 am

    what a fantastic idea. Count me in!

  • Allan McKenzie July 14, 20174:40 am

    I watched this series only a few years ago, back in 2012 I believe (although I had watched a few episodes here in Australia back when first released in 1996), and it’s pure class! The cast, crew and writers did an amazing job, and this show is even more relevant in today’s world. Back To Frank Black book is an exceptional read and highly recommend it to anybody. This MUST be brought back as either a Television Movie or Miniseries. This Is Who We Are.

  • Mike Kugler April 21, 20206:17 pm

    I just watched the documentary. Thank you very much. Millennium was the most important TV show of my adulthood. The emphasis on the cost a family pays for following one’s terrible calling, about a man frightened of his own anger, his outrage, but driven to serve others at tremendous cost to himself; and to pay dearly for that service: had a character like that been on TV before? And, that man was marked by humility, to try to understand even the worst among us, and a deep curiosity to make sense of the world. Your documentary honored the best of that show. I even teared up at the pieta sketch included with the final credits. Again, thank you.

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