The release of Millennium after the Millennium is something we are taking very seriously. Our goal is to get the film in front of as many eyes as possible. We are approaching this not as a “fan” film but as a professional production.

The production has not been cheap to make and has been paid for out of pocket by Troy Foreman and myself Jason Morris. We decided to create a limited edition DVD as an option for fans that would like to help support us early on to get this film completed and to alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with the territory of making an independent film. The plane flights, hotels, food, gas and legal fees, it all adds up and quickly. We consider this a donation with a reward.

As a donor I have some promises to make you:

  1. You will receive a region free DVD
  2. You will receive the DVD before the official release
    1. We do not know when.
    2. We will let you know as soon as we do.
    3. We also do not know when the official release is
    4. We will let you know when we do.
  3. The DVD will have exclusive material that will not be available on the official release.
    1. We do not know what the exclusive material will be yet.
    2. We will let you know as soon as we do.
  4. The money you donate will go towards the production of the DVD’s as well as actual production costs of the film.

Shipping costs are a real thing and something we need to deal with, we are looking into options on how to do this in a cost effective way. Right now it is looking like domestic shipping (within the USA) will be free but oversees will have a charge added. As with everything we will continue to explore options.

If you choose not to donate, there is nothing wrong with that. This doesn’t make you any less of a fan. Everyone will have equal opportunity to see the film upon its official release.

If you do donate, you will have helped get this production completed much faster than Troy and myself could have on our own.

In regards to digital copies of the film. For now we will not have this as an option for donors. We are exploring ways of doing this. Stay tuned.

There will be much more information coming as we explore options.

In the meantime, we cannot stress enough how important it is for ALL of you to “share” the Facebook page, website and posts. This is the life blood of the project, Frank Black needs you!

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This is Who We Are…

-Matm Team

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  • Purl' Halyk October 27, 20162:50 pm

    Please send me link to donate for I wish for a DVD exclusive. Hopefully actor signed! 😉
    Troy has me as Facebook friend but I can be found in FB.
    Purl’ Halyk

    • Jason Morris October 27, 20166:44 pm

      Hi Purl’
      I will email you the link. We will let everyone know what the limited edition will include once we figure it out ourselves 😉 autographs are something we have considered.

  • Marion October 27, 20163:24 pm

    I would like to know how much you have copies of the DVD in edition limited ? The french subtitles will be available on this DVD ? And all zone ?
    Because I can’t order it for the moment… No job and no money, i’m waiting for a small cash for 5th november only, but I would really like the limited edition!thank you for inquiring me… I’m french and i’m really a fan!! I adore Frank Black! Thanks, your job is great!

    • Jason Morris October 27, 20166:46 pm

      Hi Marion,
      We will have a limit but it is something we have not decided on just yet.We will announce it as soon as we have that information. I think you will be just fine if you order in November. Thank you for supporting the project!

  • Jorge Jauregui October 28, 20162:54 pm

    Hello… as I can do to have a DVD copy?? I am from Argentina, but do not know the shipping charges and would have no problem paying that shipment. Should be found how to pay by credit card and see any company that does international shipping.

    • Admin October 28, 20167:41 pm

      You can pre-order the dvd from this link:

      After you add the dvd to your cart you will need to press the “calculate shipping” button, this will allow you to enter your country information and it will automatically show you the shipping rates.

      Usted puede pre-ordenar el DVD de este enlace:

      Después de agregar el dvd de la compra tendrá que pulsar el botón “calcular el envío”, esto permitirá que entre su país y la información que le mostrará automáticamente las tarifas de envío.

  • Gene Ariani June 17, 20176:35 am

    It would be great if there will be an option of digital download in HD format

    • Jason Morris December 9, 201711:25 am

      There will be!

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